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Ideal Packers and Movers ODC Transportation

The ODC division of Ideal Packers and Movers Limited is proficient in moving dimensional, bulky and heavy cargo. With our experience, professionalism and immense knowledge that has been acquired over the years, we are experts in carrying extra-dimensional consignments even across difficult terrains and long distances anywhere in India.

ODC TransportationAs a part of our growth, we have never looked back to update ourselves with advanced technology and efficient services for our dedicated clients. Backed by a vast fleet of GPS enabled vehicles, we are considered the best for innovation and growth.

We provide some of the most progressive rehabilitation services to our patrons. Hence we have incorporated high standards and advanced technologies in the overall process of relocation.

India has been passionately involved in bulk transportation and shipping for many years in logistics planning and execution for various Indian industries. ODC movement continues to be our core business segment, which we pursue with utmost efforts and enthusiasm.

Our professional team conducts a thorough logistic study before making any commitment with the clients.

Our Strengths

We provide responsive and planned solutions for project multimodal and material handling ODC logistics.

  • Wide network and adequate infrastructure
  • Single window service for over dimensional bulk cargo of any size
  • Strength of highly sophisticated and efficient fleet like High-Bed Trailer, Semi Low-Bed Trailer and Low-Bed Trailer
  • Point-to-point management with planning of routes, services and transfer points to ensure prompt delivery of your products
  • Safe, secure and damage-free transportation
  • We also assist our clients in route surveys etc.
  • Our research department conducts in-depth research to stay abreast with the changing trends, daily indices, transportation policies, new technology and equipment.

Our Expertise:

Our efficient team keeps a proper track of all the ODC transportation services to ensure that there is no delay during the transportation process. Furthermore, we are capable of transporting goods of any size at reasonable prices.

  1. Heavy crane movement
  2. Telecom Equipment/Tower
  3. Heavy machinery
  4. Rail coach
  5. Infrastructure material

Timely and Safe Delivery of ODC Cargo

We are backed by in-depth experience, vehicles, technology and manpower for timely and safe delivery of ODC cargo in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our capabilities and competencies are reflected in the awards and certificates of appreciation conferred upon us by our clients in the industry.

Our entire ODC division is fully managed by skilled professionals with vast experience of over three decades and is one of the best ODC operators in any region of India.

We provide our customers with a plethora of options to choose from and ensure that the products are delivered on time.

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